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Our history

The history of the Boccia Graphic Arts Graphic Industry

Arti Grafiche Boccia was founded in Salerno in 1961 thanks to the determination of Orazio Boccia. His typography immediately became a bridge between the past and the future.

The former, relating to the past, narrates a story of difficulty yet of great willpower, commitment and responsibility. That’s how Arti Grafiche Boccia began taking shape.

The future, on the other hand, represents the moment when determination, passion and a sense of recourse emerge, starting from investments in technology, quality and people.

The history of Arti Grafiche Boccia is made up of daily events but also of the desire to emerge, of intuitions and choices that allowed Orazio Boccia’s typography to become an innovative and competitive company, among the most important in the professional printing sector both in Italy and in Europe.

Arti Grafiche Boccia still means people and technologies at the service of the world of printed paper, but with a corporate philosophy, where innovation thrives hand-in-hand with the human element.

Our typography is a place that conveys emotions thanks to its passion and the staff who make it unique and come alive. AGB is not just a factory, it is also a tradition of almost sixty years where the boundary between quality, craftsmanship and industry has never been lost.

Orazio Boccia, Order of Merit for Labour – Founder of Arti Grafiche Boccia

AGB in books


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It starts from the territory that represents the origins, and beauty and then it reaches the “Factory”.

A cutting-edge Italian company

The passion and work ethic of its founder contributed to the rise of this company; followed by the shrewd work of his two sons, with the adoption of highly modern technologies and their growing presence in foreign markets.


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have interpreted and reproduced Boccia’s B, for a gigantic coloured manifesto.

The story of a street urchin

Despite being born in Salerno into a family of modest origins, fatherless at 11 years old, used to a daily struggle for survival, and locked up in an orphanage called “the menagerie”, Orazio Boccia founded his graphic industry.

Made in Italy

Volume designed by Valerio Castronovo, celebrating the centenary of Confindustria, describing the events of a series of pioneering companies that established themselves over time under the aegis of Made in Italy.

Value of enterprise in action

Strong ethical and entrepreneurial values, experienced with intensity and consistency in strategic choices and in operational management, incorporated in the corporate culture and handed down over time, emerge as determining factors.

Green Italy

Can we beat the crisis? It won’t be easy, but the answer is yes. Realacci tells stories of an alliance between businesses and communities, between the environment and new ways of living that can drive us towards a more competitive country.

Business strategies and corporate organisation

Business strategies and corporate organisation of Arti Grafiche Boccia in the new phase of globalisation. Governance, internationalisation, innovation. Managed by Stefano Palermo and Andrea Ramazzotti.