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Our printing products

There are no things of little importance, everything needs to be printed well.

All the services we offer, all our printed materials, represent our main business card. In Arti Grafiche Boccia, innovation also serves this purpose, to ensure that everything is conceived largely in the interest of our customers.

The excellence of Arti Grafiche Boccia Boutique is evident in every product both for its extremely high level of customisation, where every detail enhances your print, and for its tradition, our people’s experience and talent that binds with the uniqueness of our plants.

AGB is Made in Europe, Manufactured in Italy: we are aware of representing a quality segment in Europe thanks to the high yield of our printed materials and we are proud to share our results and continue to expand with our customers.

Innovation and excellence make your products unique


Professional magazine printing is the spearhead of our production. Here, the keyword is flexibility: we print periodic and corporate magazines, all over Europe, with special processes and ennobling on the cover. In this way, our traditions and our experience in the art of printing will always be at the service of our customers


We are convinced that catalogues are still the best way to present your products as well as a powerful marketing and promotion tool. The high-print quality and excellence putting details in the foreground allow us to create high quality saddle stitched or perfect bound catalogues. A high degree of customisation allows us to respond to the needs of each brand in Italy and Europe.


People, first-rate plants and efficiency of the production chain provide us with great performances in Europe also for the printing of newspapers and periodicals with local, national and international distribution. We are in Salerno, equidistant from Rome, Cosenza and Bari, with a plant that can create up to 96 full-colour pages.

Stampa Agroalimentare

Food products

Arti Grafiche Boccia is now one of the main suppliers in the sector. It is a dynamic segment and always a source of new challenges: customised packaging, personalised paper converting and products for the food sector. Strengthened by the results obtained, constant growth and high quality, we have expanded our offer with the printing of food labels for the Food & Beverage and Pet Food industries.

Flyers for large-scale distribution

Everything must be printed in an excellent way, even what is apparently simpler such as promotional flyers or jobs for large retailers. The printing of flyers for large-scale distribution is one of the leading products for Arti Grafiche Boccia. We have one of the leading pool machines in Europe that provides us with efficiency and productivity that translates into price reductions.

Sticker albums

Who has never collected stickers, either as a child or as an adult? Opening a packet of stickers is somewhat a ritual, removing them from their holder and glueing them into their album. In the professional album printing, Arti Grafiche Boccia has acquired a high level of technology, surpassing itself with new effects such as drip-off varnish.


With a variety of formats and bindings for products that accompany the passing of our time and that retain the charm of leafing through the pages, marking the passing months. Even in this case, Arti Grafiche Boccia assure the best technologies for creating personalised high impact and quality level calendars.


For customers from Public Administration, banks and institutions, we offer maximum professionalism and flexibility in our printing services for forms and related materials. Forms and transactional products remain an extremely important sector for our graphics industry.

Other products

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Contact us, one of our sales specialists will respond to your request by offering you the best solution for your needs. Arti Grafiche Boccia thinks big. The next product is tailor-made for you.

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