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Our services

Arti Grafiche Boccia carries out all the production phases internally, up to delivery to the customer with possible mailing. A combination of competitiveness, productivity and automation, also linked to culture and governance of the production organisation that provides for the application of the Toyota (Kaizen) model. All this translates into a level of first-rate services offered, in which the founding principles are both customer-oriented reliability and trust

Customer Account Card Management

Day-by-day we build a relationship of trust with those who rely on us for the creation of professional prints.

Our customer orientation allows us to meet everyone’s requests, which is why we have included Customer Account Card Management among our services: if you are our customer, you can provide us with the card you want.

We will manage it for you in the best way, allowing you to always have precise control of your stock.

gestione carta

Shrink wrapping and mailing

Mailing is the service that coordinates every phase of mailing magazines to subscribers. Through specific software, we can manage all the information sent to us by the customer and thus provide for the printing, shrink wrapping and preparation of all the material to be sent.

Yield Recovery Storage

The reliability of a company, even more than a printing industry, is also measured through the trust of customers and the relationship that ensues.

Our service aims to store any return copies and/or gadgets for subsequent processing.

stoccaggio recupero resi
Trasporti e flotta AGB

Transport and AGB fleet

The transports are entrusted to the most qualified couriers to guarantee transport conditions, punctuality and conservation of the highest level printed materials.

Nevertheless, Arti Grafiche Boccia has its own fleet of vehicles which it makes available to its customers. The company fleet is made up of vans and trucks capable of transporting from 2000kg upwards, with expert drivers and professional vehicles.