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Printing technologies

A European vision, cutting-edge technologies and people enhancement

It is the overall picture that makes the difference between one investment and another. It is the set of technological choices that establishes the level of reliability and corporate competitiveness. Over long distances, only companies that invest thinking about the benefits for customers can be called reliable.

50% of our systems have been depreciated in just 3 years with significant economies of scale, we are talking about hyper-performing systems that go hand in hand with almost sixty years of industrial tradition. Automated systems, running from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day, capable of impressive performances and significantly reducing costs, making us competitive in a segment of the highest quality.

In Arti Grafiche Boccia, we boast a level of productivity and automation of the first level and a technological configuration of excellence with 4 commercial presses, interchangeable with each other and capable of creating up to 41 types of fold, including the Komori System in duplex configuration, first and only Komori installation in Europe; 2 lines for sheetfed offset, Komori Lithrone S40P and Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105; 1 Cerutti Maxinova S4 for newspapers and large-scale distribution capable of producing tabloids of up to 96 full-colour pages; 3 saddle stitching lines and 2 perfect binding lines; 2 shrink wrapping lines, cut, fold and die cutting lines that combine power and flexibility.

Everything to guarantee our customers perfect management of all processing phases and punctuality in deliveries.

Workflow e 2 CTP Luscher 260 : 

The workflow used by AGB allows you to fully exploit the potential of the web for the management of blueprints and web approvals remotely, in real-time from any part of the globe.

In addition, with the new CTP XPose! Hybrid of Luscher Technologies, we have reached a new reference standard for Computer-to-Plate operations. With this in mind, we preferred a versatile CTO where we have total control of the best-suited configurations for our production needs.

There is also the possibility of equipping the CTP with two different types of laser and wavelength, with the result of being able to cover a wide range of different materials.

Komori Dual System

Komori Dual System:

Our Komori Dual System presses constitute Komori’s first duplex installation in Europe. These presses have a print revolution of 1250 mm, from 32 to 64 pages and 4 and 5 colours. In addition, they are able to reduce waste and start-up times without affecting print quality.

Thanks to the ability to create fast starts, the two System Komori presses offer the possibility of operating also in segments that are often occupied by sheetfed machines, with the result of optimising printing operations from medium/low runs.

In addition, Komori has developed a series of technologies that allow advanced communication and the latest generation of controls between the machine and all peripheral systems: automatic register devices, ovens and post-press equipment.

The Komori Dual System has the possibility of:

  • Creating 5-colour roto-offset jobs;
  • Water-painting all the pages of a call-mark;
  • Create self-covered products stapled directly from the presses, with foliation of 16, 32, 48 and 64 pages;
  • Water-painting the first and last pages of the self-coated sheets in the machine;
  • Over forty folding possibilities.

In addition, they are connected via fibre optics with CTP and auto-plating.

 Goss M600 16-page:

Our Goss M600 16-page, the first installation in Italy, allowing you to print in UNI A4 format. In addition, it allows you to create up to 18 types of fold. These features make it a top-quality commercial web press.

Komori Lithrone

Komori Lithrone S40P:

The Komori Lithrone S40P is a sheet-fed offset printing machine equipped with all the automatisms that characterise the LS series. It can print in 8 colours with a transfer system (4 +4).

Heidelberg Speedmaster

Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105:

The Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105 is a machine capable of printing in 6 colours, with hydro varnish unit included. Its strength is its printing speed combined with reduced start-up times.


Cerutti Maxinova S4:

Our Flexo Cerutti Maxinova S4 press is the ideal machine for printing newspapers up to 96 full-colour pages in tabloid format. Able to print at an hourly speed of 60,000 copies, it takes a few minutes to start up, thus managing to combine productivity, speed and reliability.

Its main features are:

  • Modularity of changes every two pages;
  • Possibility to vary the number of full-colour pages from 8 to 96;
  • The competitiveness of print runs from 3 thousand copies up to high print runs.
corona muller martini

Muller Martini Prima Plus Amris:

3 Muller Martini saddle stitching lines with 8 stations plus fully automated cover feeder with:

  • product glueing element
  • stream-feeder loaders
  • outgoing palletising robots

Müller Martini Bolero:

The Müller Martini Bolero 9 stations is a fully automated perfect binder with stream-feeder loaders and outgoing palletising robots. It stands out for the wide range of supported formats and manages both normal book and magazine prints and particular prints.


Müller Martini Corona:

The Müller Martini Corona 22 stations were its first installation in Italy for the level of completeness and expected accessories. It has the possibility of developing:

  • covers with first and fourth folds with cuts inside the pages
  • insert inverted markings
  • stick a postcard on a marking
  • products with polyurethane glue

Sitma 1150:

The two Sitma packaging lines are equipped with two inserters, an oven and a labeller for gadget/DVD inserters, a labelling machine for mailing and a thermo-retraction oven. The materials used for shrink wrapping with the Sitma 1150 are: shrink wrapping, PVC and coextruded polypropylene.


Heidelberg Polar:

Two Heidelberg Polar 137XT Autotrim cutting lines with jogger operate completely automatically and are equipped with some essential pluses such as the electronic weighing/counting of the sheets, the automatic banding machine and the shrink-wrapper with a thermo-retraction oven.


MBO mod. K72 4KTL and MBO mod. K760 SKTL + glue:

The MBO mod. K72 4KTL and MBO mod. K760 SKTL + glue are very high precision benders. Furthermore, they allow high production rates by optimising the entire post-printing process.


Lombardi Serie LH mod. 23:

Lombardi LH Series mod. 23 is a fully automatic die cutter that has a production capacity of 900 thousand labels per hour. This feature makes it a perfect solution for large print professional printing operations.

It is fully hydraulic and has a mechanism that allows it to exert even pressure on the paper. In addition, it has a barrier of photocells that guarantee the safety of the press worker and allows you to change the die with very short times.

Other die-cutting machines:

  • Bobst SP2014E

  • Bobst SP1120