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The Boutique Arti Grafiche Boccia

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Almost sixty years of history, growth and innovation. Almost sixty years of passion for a job started in 1944 thanks to Orazio Boccia who saw his greatest dream in the art of printing.

Arti Grafiche Boccia is the story of those who fought and never gave up, of those who, thanks to the experience gained, were able to create a dynamic and powerful organisation, in complete harmony with talents and technological evolutions, based on a proper community spirit to prevail even over the logics of the most competitive markets.

The result of all this was a dream come true in 1961 when Arti Grafiche Boccia was founded.

A reality with a global dimension currently operating in 4 countries and 2 continents, which represents a bridge from the past to the future that brings the best of tradition and the strength of innovation.

A different imprinting

In Arti Grafiche Boccia innovation, people’s talent and excellence become something inseparable because the overall picture is what makes the difference. People make the choices, the machines are the tools.

The men and women of AGB seek excellence through innovation in order to optimise the production chain and make every economy of scale of a fully integrated plant for all processing phases available to customers, where flexibility and industrial power blend together.

Just think of the installations, the first of their kinds in Europe, the 64-page Komori duplex web offset, the most advanced for the production of various print runs, the 8-colour Lithrone S40P Komori and the 6-colour offset SpeedMaster XL 105, which has given new possibilities to label printing for the agri-food sector.

And, first too, this time in Italy, with the introduction of the Goss M600 16-page press.

Therefore having a different mindset does not mean standing out just for what is produced, but also for how it is produced. There are no small things of little importance, everything needs to be printed well.

Our goal is to meet customers’ needs, transform their goals into tangible projects starting from the details to give back efficiency and value to the production chain.

We value paper by allowing our customers to take care of the details of their products thanks to a very high degree of customisation that makes us the European Boutique of the Printing Industry.

    the boutique arti grafiche boccia


    Arti Grafiche Boccia is the place where past, future, art and history are inextricably intertwined.

    Works and media

    Creativity, art and beauty come together to give great emotions.

    This year we celebrate our 60th anniversary.