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The color factory

Arti Grafiche Boccia and the union between industry and art

Since the foundation of Arti Grafiche Boccia, the human dimension has been a fundamental part of our way of understanding professional printing and corporate culture as a community dimension, up to the new concept of Industry 4.0 of which we are very proud.

In its almost 60 years of history, in fact, Arti Grafiche Boccia has always understood industry in its tailoring dimension, without forgetting a certain artistic and aesthetic side. This is why our company is among the companies that have decided to invest in the ACUs of Italy, or the Associations for Urban Creativity.

From here, on the proposal of the National Observatory on Urban Creativity INWARD, the idea of ​​Alephactory was born, an initiative that has helped to tell and redefine our company. Thanks to the creation of limited edition murals and lithographic prints, Arti Grafiche Boccia thus wanted to emphasize its history as an enterprise and the intrinsic beauty of the production system.

The symbol chosen to summarize the visual identity of Arti Grafiche Boccia, also and above all in the artistic creations of Alephactory, was the letter B. B as Boccia, obviously, but also B as beauty and B as Bauhaus, the large school-laboratory by Gropius. Let’s find out together, then, what the theme of B means for us, declined by the artistic community of Alephactory


The color factory

Alephactory: the redefinition of industrial identity

The Alephactory project led nine urban creatives, from six different ACUs, to interpret and reproduce the B in different ways, which has become a symbol of Boccia Graphic Arts. On the one hand the industrial and tailoring printing practices carried out by our company, on the other the artistic performance of the nine writers conducted on the surfaces of the Salerno plant.

In fact, the work developed on a large facade of the factory has not only redefined the identity of Arti Grafiche Boccia as an Italian and European industrial subject, but has confirmed the artistic nature of the figure of the urban writer. Commonly seen as an expression of rupture with respect to society and traditional urban furniture, in fact, writers reaffirm the maturity reached by urban creativity in recent years.

They have not only thematized the letter B, giving it a vitality that goes beyond the boundaries of mere alphabetic character. Alephactory artists also declined it in imaginative and evocative shapes, bodies and volumes, in what has increasingly emerged as a real creative yard. This is a phenomenon that – from Banksy onwards – is finding a new dimension, thanks also to the productive reality embodied by Arti Grafiche Boccia.

The nine B painted on the facade of our factory, together with the printing of the precious limited edition lithographs, thus pay homage to a way of understanding the industry that has been able to constantly make itself new, without ever losing touch with its own tradition. The heart of this initiative lies in the desire to remember the specific dimension of Arti Grafiche Boccia as a life project.

Variations on the B between past, present and future

The goal of Arti Grafiche Boccia has always been to combine the usefulness and technique of a printed product – be it a catalog, label or magazine – with its beauty. The idea of merging the attention and the ability to create a print with the pleasure of doing it was the basic inspiration for the Alephactory project. With a pivotal symbol: the letter B.

Far from being only the initial of our company and our founder, Orazio Boccia, we chose the B because of its history. It is a letter of Semitic origin which essentially has the meaning of “home”, as can be seen from its stylized representation in some of the oldest languages in the world. A sense of stability, therefore, that is reformulated and interpreted by the artists of Alephactory.

Conclusions: the vibrant legacy of Boccia Graphic Arts

Precisely the sense of community is what has characterized our Typography, since its foundation in 1961. Over the years, having become one of the main references for the world of professional printing, Arti Grafiche Boccia has never forgotten its origins, nor the difficulties and together the extraordinary work of enterprise and development of its territory carried forward over time.

Through the partnership with INWARD that gave birth to the Alephactory project, we decided to tell our story. And we decided to do it our way, describing the goals achieved by this reality which always bets on itself and on the idea of ​​community that has always formed the basis. The choice of one of the most innovative forms of contemporary art, that of murals, thus became the last piece of the mosaic of the identity of Arti Grafiche Boccia.

Betting on the present, to reaffirm the past. Reinterpreting the past, to dive on foot united towards the future.

A future in the sign of B.